Meat 10% Halal





We stock a large range of frozen and fresh meat. All of our products are EU approved and can be traced back to their source and are guaranteed Halal. We also make our own Keema Mince to our own special recipe.


GTA Chicken Fillet
Brazilian Chicken Fillet
King Pollo Chicken Fillet
Super Pollo Chicken Fillet
Padesa Chicken Fillet
Universal 80% Chicken Fillet
Broiller Hens
Chicken Wings
Tandoori Chicken
Duck Breast

Lamb & Mutton

Halal Lamb Whole
Lamb Chops
Lamb Shanks
Short Cut Lamb Legs
Halal Sheep
Lamb/Mutton Skirt
Boneless Australian Mutton
Boneless Diced Mutton
Backstrap Mutton
Keema Mutton Mince